Divine Lover, take me ever deeper
There in the core of the self
Will I know who I am.
Where no one's name may reach,
Nor will i call myself a name.
There in the Center i shall be lost.
with no need for a name.
The knowing will be a knowing of you.
And you have no name-----
Nor then will I.
O Beloved of my heart,
Take me so deep that I am lost---
A great losing that finds
And finds forever.

Robert J. Hope, From the Center.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What if i were a leaf?

What if i were a leaf? The fullness of my being lifted by the breath of earth. Spiraling, dancing with her breath. Completely guided by her breath.

What if i were a leaf? part of a great tree, a tree that is part of a great forest, a forest that is part of a world, a world that is part of a universe. If i were just a leaf i would be infinite.

What if i were a leaf? Green, red, orange, yellow, brown...people would look at my color as beauty.

What if i were a leaf? falling into a pile, sycamore, maple, white birch, would it matter that we are from different trees, do we see different leaves, or just a pile?

What if i were a leaf? So trusting, able to let go into the breath of the earth, knowing that i would be set free in my trust, knowing that although it is the winter of my life, springtime is just a time away...

What if i were a leaf?

Harvey D. Cottrell II

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