Divine Lover, take me ever deeper
There in the core of the self
Will I know who I am.
Where no one's name may reach,
Nor will i call myself a name.
There in the Center i shall be lost.
with no need for a name.
The knowing will be a knowing of you.
And you have no name-----
Nor then will I.
O Beloved of my heart,
Take me so deep that I am lost---
A great losing that finds
And finds forever.

Robert J. Hope, From the Center.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Poetic Fusion

While on retreat this weekend we were asked to explore our deepest emotions. Asked to make journals cutting images and words from magazines, instead of cutting images,  i cut words out of various secular magazines and fused together a poem to show that Gods message of Love is everywhere if we but look, if we will but listen. The following is that poetic fusion of words and phrases cut from the magazines.

Eons ago, before i was born into flesh.
Before there was life.
"When i first saw the beauty of orchids, i fell in love."
always loved.
What was it like to be music.
To catch a light beam.
A most unusual gift of love.
An enchanting new song.
Create a vibe.
God's reign cracks into our world.
Let there be lights!
The path of light.
Its time to move forward.
Inherit the earth.
Praying and loving.
One in the body.
Together in imperfection.
Loving the world.
Live your best life.
Love God. Serve people.
God's call is bold.
Don't you see my vision?
"Get out of your head," 
The teachers say. This is becoming the
most important instruction of all.
Walk with God.
Peering into the Divine.
You're not alone.
Make room in your heart for. MYSTERY.
The Truth can set you free.
Learn how to avoid squabbling.
Laugh at yourself.
And others will laugh with you.
 Don't show off.
Let me in.
Love in a time of ambivalence.
The future is Bright.

Harvey Cottrell
21 November 10

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