Divine Lover, take me ever deeper
There in the core of the self
Will I know who I am.
Where no one's name may reach,
Nor will i call myself a name.
There in the Center i shall be lost.
with no need for a name.
The knowing will be a knowing of you.
And you have no name-----
Nor then will I.
O Beloved of my heart,
Take me so deep that I am lost---
A great losing that finds
And finds forever.

Robert J. Hope, From the Center.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Drifting away into Now.

Falling, deeply falling.
Into a place where i can not hold on.
Into a place where i have no control.
Falling, falling like the leaves,
Dying to false realities,
to false identities,
to illusions.
Dancing, Swirling, Spiraling,
like the Autumn leaves lifted into the air by
the brisk breeze.
Rising like the Sun at dawn, brightness out of silence..
I am new, in this moment.
Re-born, into this NOW.
I Am.

Harvey D. Cottrell II

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